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Austrian Tourist Office in the US

The Austrian Tourist Office the US comprises a dedicated team of marketers specialising in the fields of Destination Marketing, Media Relations, Product Innovation, Market Research as well as Digital Marketing & Social Media. We invite you to take advantage of our team of highly-skilled tourism and leisure marketing experts.

Meet the Team in the US!
michael gigl Michael Gigl
Regional Manager USA & Australia
Tel: (212) 575 7723 x 116
eva schmiedleitner Eva Schmiedleitner
E-Marketing & Administration
Tel: (212) 575 7723 x 117
Marsa Kindl-Omuse Marsa Kindl-Omuse
Marketing Manager
Tel: (212) 575 7723 x 113
gabriele wolf Gabriele Wolf
Product Innovation
Tel: (212) 575 7723 x 111
sigrid pichler Sigrid Pichler
Manager Public Relations
Tel: (212) 575 7723 x 119
teresa faudon Teresa Faudon
Manager Public Relations
Tel: (212) 575 7723 x 118
peter katz Peter Katz
Marketing Manager Western USA
Tel: (818) 999 4030