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Our brand "Vacation in Austria"

When people think about Austria, Alpine hiking & skiing, Vienna’s imperial splendor and historic architecture often come to mind. True enough. However "Vacation in Austria" is a lot more! When we speak about our brand, "Vacation in Austria," we tell the stories that make a trip to Austria truly unique for visitors.

 © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller

Our brand communication targets a highly educated audience of experienced travelers. Travel decisions are not made based on price or convenience alone, but also with a destination’s history and identity in mind. For our guests it is important to be able to experience something truly authentic, as well as to be active and engaged while traveling. Austria is unique particularly in those three (3) aspects:

  1. Today's Austria used to be the center of a grand, multi-ethnic empire with tremendously varied cultural influences. Over the centuries, this created a fertile ground for innovation in the arts, music and culture. Today our imperial history and its many sights are still a major reason to visit. In Austria tradition and modernity create a most interesting juxtaposition.
  2. Austrians know how to live well. We even have a name for it, “Gemuetlichkeit”. Austrians are a relaxed, warm and charming bunch. And most of all, Austrians are true connoisseurs of “The Good Life.”
  3. In Austria we have a long tradition of hospitality and we like our guests to not only feel welcome, but we aim to make sure that their stay is a truly memorable one.  We love to give our guests ideas and insider tips, encourage them to seek out new places and try new things. After all, there is a ton to discover and experience on a “Vacation in Austria."

Nature and Scenery
From the Alps to the Danube River, Austria is a truly beautiful place with majestic mountains, dense forests, amazing lakes and famous cultural landscapes waiting to be explored.  Discover our countryside at your own pace, slow and relaxed or a bit sportier. Let the locals show you the way.

Our imperial heritage and cultural legacy is world famous, and our contemporary cultural scene is innovative and exciting. Cultural experiences abound- not only in the major cities, but also in many charming small villages in the country.

Food and Wine
First rate restaurants, world-class wines, and a dedication to locally sourced and organic ingredients define Austria’s culinary landscape. Austrian cuisine is tasty, of highest quality and creative. The secret ingredient: passionate and innovative chefs and winemakers.

Travel should always offer a healthy dose of regeneration and renewal. In Austria you will find mineral springs with water with healing qualities; the air quality is amazing and fosters regeneration; mountains and lakes beckon you to be active. A vacation in Austria may stimulate your desire for healthy living, even after your trip.

Austrians love to be hosts. We love to engage with our guests and show them the treasures of our country and share our secrets. If some of our joy of life and “Gemuetlichkeit” rubs off on you, even better.

A Lasting Impression
Guests that spend some time in Austria feel more relaxed and are therefore eager for new and authentic experiences. The organic interplay between regeneration and the excitement of the new provides inspiration and fresh energy. A trip to Austria will truly create memories and moments to cherish forever, and a sense of joy that will last even after you are back home.