Hallstatt, Haute-Autriche Hallstatt, Haute-Autriche

Imperial Elegance

Revel in the Fascinating Culture of Old Europe

Austria distills the rich history of continental Europe into a patch of land the size of Maine. The Habsburg Empire, which had its seat in Vienna, spanned a territory from modern Spain to Romania and left the country with iconic cultural treasures. Imperial palaces, grand opera houses, courtly churches, collections of crown jewels and fine art, and concert halls are just some of the highlights of the Habsburgs’ grand legacy.

Traveling to Austria gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the charms of the Old World. Taste the Emperor’s favorite dessert at a coffee house that looks as regal today as it did on opening day in 1876. Discover why Austrians are such music-loving people by visiting a concert hall where Mozart, Mahler, Haydn and Schubert once performed. Or witness the ambition of Imperial power by stepping into one of the magnificent landmarks the Habsburgs erected all over the country.

Parts of Austria even the Empire couldn’t tame. Beyond the Imperial elegance of the Habsburgs, Austria’s medieval castles and remote Alpine village defied cultivation, and offer another layer of great European history waiting to be explored.

Austria's Imperial Elegance

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