Austrian Food

It's local, it's fresh, it's slow, and it's incredibly diverse. Austrian food will surprise you with every bite!

Austrians show their hopsitality through food. Walk into a mountain hut at 9,000 feet and you better believe there is a Tiroler Gröstl and a pint of Austrian beer waiting for you. Every region has its own local cuisine, but the principle of mindful cooking and eating stays the same. Restaurants and inns tend to have a long history of family leadership and it's not uncommon for the owner to moonlight as chef de cuisine. This creates the kind of homey atmosphere that makes patrons spend hours in Austria's cozy restaurants and coffee houses.

Places to Eat

Great Restaurants

Browse Austria's best restaurants by region. These eateries offer the highest quality at a great value.

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Great Coffeehouses

Discover Austria's rich coffeehouse culture at one of these iconic turn-of-the-century haunts.

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Still Hungry?

Food in the Mountains

Learn about Austria's hyper-local food culture.