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Austrian Tourist Office in the US

We are a dedicated team of marketers specializing in the fields of Destination Marketing, Media Relations, Product Innovation, Market Research as well as Digital Marketing & Social Media. If you are interested in promoting trips to Austria, want to write about the destination, or just want to learn more about Austria's culture and nature highlights, don't hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Michael Gigl
Regional Manager USA & Australia

Tel +1 (212) 575 7723 x116
Email michael.gigl@austria.info

Marsa  Kindl-Omuse
Marketing Manager

Tel +1 (212) 575 7723 x113
Email marsa.kindl-omuse@austria.info

Sigrid Pichler
Manager Media Relations

Tel +1 (212) 575 7723 x119
Email sigrid.pichler@austria.info

Eva Schmiedleitner
E-Marketing & Administration

Tel +1 (212) 575 7723 x117
Email eva.schmiedleitner@austria.info

Gabriele Wolf
Product Innovation

Tel +1 (212) 575 7723 x111
Email gabriele.wolf@austria.info