Pristine Nature

See the Idyllic Beauty of Austria’s Backcountry

Within a five-hour drive in Austria you can travel from the Alps’ most rugged peaks, past crystal-blue lakes, to sun-soaked vineyards with a Mediterranean atmosphere. Austria’s nature is incredibly diverse, with three distinct climate zones: The Alps, the gentler pre-Alps, and the Pannonian planes in the East. Regardless of whether you opt for a summer hike along a well-marked mountain back, a drive through the scenic lake region, or go skiing in one of Austria’s famed Alpine resorts, you will find that Austria’s nature is invigorating.

One thing all of Austria’s landscapes have in common is their stunning purity. Conservation is not a trend, but a way of thinking in Austria, which is a European leader in environmental protection. The results are unspoiled mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes that offer not just a picture-perfect panorama wherever you turn but invite you to explore nature in the thick of it. Thanks to Austria’s compact size, you are never far from an Alpine lake, a meandering vineyard, or a mountain ridge with views that will take your breath away.

Austria's Pristine Nature

Kaisertal Valley
Kaisertal Valley Tourismusverband Kufsteinerland
National Park Thayatal
National Park Thayatal Rainer Mirau
National Park Hohe Tauern
National Park Hohe Tauern Oesterreich Werbung Peter Podpera
Seebensee Lake
Seebensee Lake Tiroler Zugspitz Arena U Wiesmeier