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In this section you will find the latest press releases of the Austrian National Tourist Office in Sydney.

Latest Press Releases

Most wanted: These five sights in Innsbruck simply have to be seen

Verena Abenthung, Austria Guide and blogger for Innsbruck Tourismus, knows the city like the back of her hand and reveals why no one should miss the following five sights.

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Summer in Salzburg: Synonymous with Music & Culture

The baroque buildings and spacious squares of Salzburg's Old Town provide the unique setting for the distinctive cultural programme offered by the town in the summer season.

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Austrian Alps in National Geographic's “Best of the World 2023”

Looking for a dream travel destination for 2023? We are thrilled that the Austrian Alps have been included in National Geographic's prestigious “Best of the World 2023” in the category “Adventure”. 

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Welcome to Vollpension: Coffeehouse and Social Enterprise

‘Vollpension Generation Café’ aka ‘Granny’s public living room’ created a space of inclusion for young and old in the heart of Vienna. 

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How do Austrians celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is arguably the most important holiday in Austria. The Advent season, the four weeks leading up to the festivities, is a time for celebrating beloved traditions with family and friends.

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Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in the City

Heading to an Austrian city in the summer? Relax your body and mind in gardens, parks, at rivers and even on mountains!

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Sustainable Skiing: Austria's Most Eco-friendly Winter Resorts

Austria's ski regions are working hard to reduce their CO2 footprint and to make winter holidays more environmentally friendly.

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General Research

Winter Highlights

Cosy villages, boundless skiing pleasure and world-class cuisine - in Austria's top skiing resorts you will be spoilt for choice. But Winter in Austria is not just synonymous with skiing.

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Austria Hotel Collection 2022: Alpine & City Stays

A hotel can make or break a holiday. Check out our favourite Austrian hotels for this year to make your readers' choice for the perfect place to rest their heads easier.

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Off into the mountains

Vacation in Austria means being close to nature. Explore one of the national parks, experience the beauty of the Alps on a long distance trail or head out on a family day hike.

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Culinary Experiences

Some places are best explored through their local food. – Austria one of them. Here is a guide to the country’s best food experiences and delicious inspiration for more or less serious foodies.

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Music Festivals

Austria’s cultural offerings include over 200 festivals: from world scale events to small regional gatherings in Austria’s beautiful surroundings including outstanding culinary delights.

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Why Austria is the perfect post-pandemic destination

With international borders finally opening up your readers will ask the big question: where do we go? It might take a little while until you can say 'the world is your oyster' but Austria is a good start.

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Christmas Traditions

The time from late November to the end of the year has a very special meaning in Austria. Visit Austria's Christmas markets, try some Glühwein and enjoy the spirit of Christmas...

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Austria's Hidden Gems

Away from the well-trodden path of Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck, you can experience the raw culture of the Alps or the charming day-to-day life in the towns and villages.

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Planning to travel to Austria? Discover the highlights of the country and ideas for off-the-beaten-path experiences on our suggested itineraries.

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