Austrian Hospitality

Austrians love to celebrate life: you could say that enjoying good food, savouring good wine, honoring centuries-old traditions, and spending time in good company are essential for the Austrian psyche. The fact that they take these enjoyments so seriously is what makes Austrians such excellent hosts.

Kaiserschmarrn_(C) Österreich Werbung/Wolfgang Schardt


Austrians show their hospitality through food. Walk into a mountain hut at 9,000 feet and you better believe there is a Tiroler Gröstl and a pint of Austrian beer waiting for you. Every region has its own local cuisine, but the principle of mindful cooking and eating stays the same. Restaurants and inns tend to have a long history of family leadership and it's not uncommon for the owner to moonlight as chef de cuisine. This creates the kind of homey atmosphere that makes patrons spend hours in Austria's cosy restaurants and coffee houses.

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Schlossberg Graz


Austria might not be at the top of the list of European wine destinations, but oenophiles around the world know it to be an innovative and quality-conscious producer. Austria's wine country is also naturally stunning and stacked with excellent restaurants, making it a great destination for travellers craving culinary refinement and gentle landscapes.

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Interalpen Hotel Tyrol


If you are looking for accommodation in Austria, you are spoiled for choice. From luxurious five star hotels, both modern and in traditional Austrian style, to charming bed and breakfasts, Austria's cities have it all. In the countryside you'll also find resort-style hotels, historic inns, mountain huts for hikers or even farms that take in guests and guarantee a wonderful local experience for families.

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The Austrian people pride themselves in carrying on centuries old traditions in handcraft, architecture, design, food, and the arts. Meet some of the artisans that bring alive Austria's rich cultural heritage!

When you think of Austria, you might imagine lederhosen, beautiful wood-paneled houses, and lovingly crafted culinary specialties. Indeed, you can learn a lot about our culture by meeting the people behind these staples of Austrian life, which have been around for hundreds of years.

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