Off Into the Mountains – Austria’s Most Beautiful Hikes

The Innsbruck Trek - Enjoy long-distance, luggage-free hiking

The Innsbruck Trek, jointly developed by Innsbruck Tourism and ASI Reisen, the renowned Innsbruck Alpine School, opens up all the mountain massifs in Innsbruck and takes hikers in just one week to the most beautiful hiking paradises in the region. The first stage of the Trek starts in the heart of Innsbruck’s Old Town and ends in the lofty heights of the Karwendel mountains. The last stage of the hike brings you back to the Alpine-urban flair of Innsbruck via the Zirbenweg hiking trail.

Because the Innsbruck Trek delivers both impressive outdoor experiences and absolute comfort, this trekking holiday provides a convenient and carefree all-round package. The route may be pre-set, but it’s completely flexible. Every day two guided hikes are offered of varying degrees of difficulty (moderate or demanding). Luggage is conveniently transported from one stage to the next and is waiting at pre-booked 3- or 4-star hotels. For everyone who wants to experience the freedom of hiking with all senses can hike the Innsbruck Trek unaccompanied – which doesn’t mean having to do without the other services. All accommodation is reserved, and hikers are given detailed travel documents, maps, luggage transport and a 24/7 service number.

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The Green Ring - Follow the mythical creatures of folk tales

Full of magic and natural beauty, this three-day tour needs to be experienced with all senses. The region surrounding Lech Zürs introduces a fantastic realm of wonders that does not only inspire the imagination but elevates it to an art form. Along the three individual stages, hikers are invited to explore a poetic kingdom of myths and folk tales in mystical locations on the trails of the legendary ”White Ring” ski tour.

With a great deal of empathy, a feel for the mysterious surroundings and a wink of the eye the artists Daniela Egger and Daniel Nikolaus Kocher created a world of legends and fairytales that takes a closer look at the unusual. Existing natural landscapes were included, and artistic installations were added with affectionate ease. Coordinated to the old legends and stories that were especially written for the 28km hiking trail the Green Ring leads to mythical creatures and geographical unique features.

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The Eagle’s Walk – See Tirol’s most beautiful Alpine scenery from an eagle's perspective

The 413-kilometre trail is broken up into 33 stages with a total elevation gain of 31,000 meters, accommodating a variety of skill levels and hiking preferences. Divided into 24 stages between the Kaiser Mountains and the Arlberg in North Tirol and a further nine stages between the Venediger and Großglockner peaks in East Tirol, the Eagle Walk offers unparalleled opportunities to explore, experience and connect with nature. From gentle walks across improbably picturesque landscapes to strenuous treks to some of the region's highest peaks, there is a hiking option available for all levels of fitness experience.

Each stage of the Eagle Walk is also a piece of local history of courageous climbs, daring first ascents and alpine adventures. The Eagle Walk Alpine Stories connect past and present as well as the individual stages which make up this long-distance hike across Tirol. They recount the history and culture of the region, but also the pioneering achievements of those men and women who first explored the mountains of Tirol step by step and built the alpine huts which still provide shelter today.

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Culinary Hike of Styria – Idyllic hiking trails off-the-beaten path 

Located in the Southern part of Styria, the Südsteirische Weinstrasse (South Styrian Wine Road) is often compared to Italy’s Tuscany. Almost no other Austrian wine region has undergone such dramatic transformations in the past 20 years as this region, 1 hour south of Graz. Exquisite wines, wine taverns with enchanting views, fine restaurants and idyllic hiking trails make this off-the-beaten path region a true delight for walkers who love nature, food, and wine.

Along the way hikers can stop at wineries and try the region’s dry, crisp, fruity and aromatic white wines with varieties like Welschriesling, Gelber Muskateller or Sauvignon Blanc. And after a good day’s walk one of the many small inns along the way, run by local farmers and winemakers are the ideal place to spend a night and watch the sun settle over the vineyards while sipping a well-earned glass of wine.

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